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 As your laboratory partner for oil and fuel analysis and in an effort to keep you informed, we are now sending out a weekly update on any potential changes in our testing capacities and any implications that may have on the range of analysis provided. Currently, we are operating as ‘business as usual’ and as such, there are no restrictions on testing, reporting or other services. We have and continue to take action to enhance our working patterns, hygiene procedures and where possible, encouraging home working to reduce risk. However, as we have seen over the last few days this is a rapidly evolving scenario and we are moving into unchartered territories with regard to market demand and potential loss of key staff due to isolation or illness.

 But we continue to review the latest situation and how it impacts us daily and on several levels.

 Our main focus in this scenario is to work in partnership with all our customers to keep supply chain moving and vital supplies on shelves. Therefore, we may, at some point have to move to another level of provision which prioritises identified essential ‘safety critical’ testing to ensure continuity of supply.

 We are sure that you will also have considered your own position as far as being safety critical is concerned and the need for crucial measures, so anything you can proactively share regarding these contingency plans would be extremely helpful should the above scenario arise.

 We reiterate that this is only a contingency scenario and currently we are operating with a full comprehensive testing service.


Please ensure that the mobile App you are using has been updated/ downloaded from your APP store.

The latest update (v1.0.18) will fix any layout issues experienced on both iPad and iPhone devices.

***To help reduce the amount of plastic used in our sample kits we will be reducing the qty of postal bags from 10 to 3. Each postal bag can be used to return up to 400ml of oil (4 x 100ml bottles or 6 x 65ml bottles).

Should you require more than 3 postal bags please advise the orders team when placing an order.

Please note we also offer a return courier collection service, please ask a member of our team for more details ***

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